ShrimpGang Member Chains

$120.00 $38.00

This Chain was crafted for Shrimp Gangs most loyal members. Featuring a 14k PVD Gold Plated Micro Hermes Link chain, Lobster Clasp, VVS Cz Diamonds,  as well as a 14k PVD Plated enclosed back plating. This chain is the shrimp chain perfected. Featuring our highest quality materials to date, as well as premier 3D craftsmanship, this chain is a must have. If you've ever wanted to rep Shrimp Gang or wanted ice dripping from your neck, then this piece was made for you!

- NEW Enclosed 3D back

- 20 inch Micro Hermes Link Chain

-3D Pendant

- 14k PVD Gold plating all around

- 55 hand set VVS Cz Diamonds

- Only 200 will ever be made

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