Out of Daytona Florida, Supreme Patty is a Social Media Phenom. Gaining over 6 million followers in under 1 year Both Pattys content, consistency, and creativity are just a few things that separate him from the rest. While Patty has achieved enormous success he wanted to create something for his fans where they can stand-out and look good without breaking the bank. Thus, Supremepatty.com was made, providing a unique and extensive selection of some of the best looking and highest quality jewelry, accessories, and merchandise in the game. In addition to this awesome feat, Supreme Patty then went along and created the " Supreme Patty Free Sale . " This sale includes a vast majority of Pattys favorite products curated to you at no cost at all (except shipping and handling fees). Supreme Patty has in turn created the best online store for all of your flexing needs.




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