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Free Rings

Ice out your hand and ears with our collection of free rings online - featuring some of the finest, most unique pieces you’ll ever come across!

These days, you don’t need to head to the jeweler and drop a check just to put some ice on your finger. Instead, shop with us here at Supreme Patty - where you can stretch your budget further than you would have ever imagined.

Whether you opt for one of the free rings we offer, or you decide to spend up and drop a few dollars on one of our more exclusive, harder to come by items - you can’t go wrong, and you’ll end up with a piece that catches eyes and snaps necks - guaranteed, or your money back.

Why Is Supreme Patty Giving Away Free Rings Online?

If you’re like us, anytime you hear the word free, your ears immediately perk up. Who doesn’t like an easy lick?

After that, reality starts to set in - and you start to wonder what the catch is? Why would Supreme Patty give away anything to me?

There is no catch - just genuine gratitude and the desire to spread positivity. Patty is incredibly grateful for the love and support you and the rest of his loyal fans have shown him over the years, and he wants to give back.

Not everyone can afford to spend their paycheck on a ring - some of us have bills to pay, and some of us don’t even have jobs.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to treat yourself, and step out looking and feeling good with some fresh ice on your finger. Patty is taking the L so you can take a W - and that’s why it’s possible for you to snag a free ring on us, today!

Or, if these aren’t really your thing, maybe you’d be interested in the collections of jewelry, hats, bracelets, or glasses - free of charge as well!

What Are The Different Types Of Free Rings Available?

Here at Supreme Patty, we have a huge selection of free rings available - both for your fingers and your ears!

Whether you’re looking for an iced out pinky ring or you want to grab a pair of the iced earring studs - we have plenty of styles available.

We know the iced out look isn’t everyone style - some of us prefer a bit more subtlety in our jewelry. 

That’s why we also carry plenty of diamond-free rings, such as the Mason rings you’ll find on this page. The same goes for earrings - we have everything from glacier earrings to completely diamond-free button-style earrings.

Take our word for it - once you start shopping around on this site, it’s going to be really tough to only pick one item! Which is the one caveat we want to mention - one free item per order.

Free Doesn’t Mean Cheap!

One thing we want to clear up is that just because we are giving away free rings, that doesn’t mean these are cheap.

We know you’ve probably been conditioned to associate free stuff with junk - but that’s not the case here at Supreme Patty.

All our items are built to last, as we source the finest materials and inputs possible. From sterling silver to CZ Lab diamonds - everything on our site is legit. 

How To Get Your Free Ring Or Earrings

Once you’ve found the ring or earrings you want to snag, simply add them to your cart and checkout - that’s it! All you’ll have to pay for is shipping, we will entirely comp the price of the ring.

With that said, you will see some of the rings and earrings on this page have a price tag next to them. We do carry some items that are just so exclusive, so fire that we cannot afford to give them away completely free.

Keep in mind though - when you compare the small cost of even the priciest items we carry here at Supreme Patty to standard retail, it’s essentially nothing. The quality of the jeweler, all without the price tag!