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Free Headphones

While it may sound too good to be true, you can get free headphones here at Supreme Patty and listen to your favorite bops while you work, exercise, or chill.

With so many different styles to choose from, the only tough part is figuring out which pair you want - from the notorious PATTYPODS to more traditional wireless earphone options - we have something for everyone.

And the best part? Just because these are free earphones, doesn’t mean they’re cheap! You don’t have to compromise on sound quality, and these are built to stand the test of time. Grab yours now and see what the hype is all about!

Why Is Supreme Patty Giving Away Free Headphones?

As with all claims of free items, you might be skeptical as to why Supreme Patty is giving away free headphones.

There really is no catch - the only thing you have to pull your credit card out for is to cover the cost of shipping. 

The reason you are lucky enough to have come across this sweet deal is that Patty wants to give back to his loyal fans for all their love and support over the years. This is only possible because awesome supporters and die-hard fans like you made it possible - so thank you!

Our Free Headphones Are As Good As The One's You Buy!

While these are entirely free, you wouldn’t guess it based on the construction and sound quality. This is true of all styles you’ll see on this page, but particular the PATTYPODS line.

These are indistinguishable in terms of appearance and quality from legitimate AirPods, but they don’t cost you a dime.

With premium sound quality, a durable charging case, and long battery life - these are as good as it gets!

What Are The Different Types Of Free Headphones Available?

We’ve briefly covered it already, but there are so many different styles of free earphones available here at Supreme Patty that choosing the right pair for you can be a bit overwhelming - as we do limit you to one free item per order.

By far, our most popular headphone style is the PATTYPODS - both the standard white color and our multicolor options, perfect for those who want to stand out.

But we also have standard earphones with a cable, in case your device doesn’t have bluetooth capability. Otherwise, you can choose from other wireless styles, like the Black and White wireless earbuds. 

How Can I Get Free Headphones?

Are you ready to get your free headphones from Supreme Patty? Simply find the pair you want, add them to your cart, and check out!

It’s really that simple, and there are no strings attached - a pleasant surprise in a world where everyone promises free stuff and then makes you jump through hoops, provide your social security number, etc.

Instead, we only ask that you cover the shipping and continue to be such an awesome fan. Keep in mind you can only get one free item per order - that applies to our entire catalog, which consists of other awesome options likefree chains,watches,grillz, andearrings!