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Ice out your neck with the best free gold chains available online - right here at Supreme Patty. Whether you’re after the classic Shrimp Gang Chain or you want something more lowkey, like a diamond tennis chain, we have something for you here.

And the best part is, we don’t make you jump through any hoops to get your item - just cover the shipping, and we won’t make you pay a dime for the chain itself!

Why Is Supreme Patty Offering Free Chains?

Free chains are great - but what’s the catch?

The truth is, there is no catch - Supreme Patty is incredibly grateful for his loyal fans and followers. Without you guys, none of this would be possible.

You helped him get to where he is, so he wants to help you step your game up and look and feel your best the next time you step out. That’s why he’s offering free chains - as a token of his appreciation, and to inspire the next generation and show that you can become anything you want to be!

Are These Free Gold Chains Real?

A lot of people come on to our site thinking this is too good to be true - there is no way their free gold chains are real, right?

Yes - these are entirely real and feature real diamonds, just like all thefree jewelry across our site - from ourrings,earrings,grillz,watches,bracelets, everything.

A lot of people associate “free” or “cheap” with “low quality” - but that’s not what we’re about here at Supreme Patty. 

You shouldn't have to break the bank to look good and feel good about yourself. Whether you’re balling on a budget or you don’t have a budget at all, these free gold chains are real and waiting to be put around your neck - so get to shopping!

What Are The Different Types Of Chains Available?

There are so many different styles of chains here at Supreme Patty that selecting the right one for you will definitely get a little tricky. All these options, and knowing you can only pick one, is going to be tough.

There are simple diamond tennis necklaces that are perfect for those who want something more lowkey, something more subtle.

We also have Cuban link chains if that’s more your thing, available in gold and silver options - with and without diamonds, take your pick!

If you are trying to showcase your personality and really stand out from the crowd, you may be more interested in one of the more artistic, loud chains - such as the BLESS, KING, plug, or praying hands chains.

Just browse around and see what catches your eye. You’re sure to find something that you simply won’t be able to leave our store without - if not a couple of things! 

Are All These Supreme Patty Chains Actually Free?

All you have to cover is the shipping, and you can get any item on our site marked as free. It couldn’t be any simpler!

While there are tons of awesome free chains on this page, you’ll see there are also some that do have a price tag next to them. 

That’s because so many fans have told us they want to spend a bit to get the very best of the best. 

With that said, these are still incredibly budget-friendly, and way cheaper than you’d pay at a jeweler or any shop online. 

If you have a bit of money to spend and really want to ice your neck out with a chain flooded in diamonds, you will find something on this page that catches your eye - and the eye of anyone that sees you step out in it!

How To Get Your Free Gold Chain

Once you have narrowed down your selection to the one free chain you want, just add it to your cart and check it out - it’s that easy.

Like we’ve mentioned, you will be responsible for covering the shipping, but the cost of the chain is entirely on us. Nowhere else in the world can you get these dope of chains for free!

Also, keep in mind you can only snag one free item per order. That doesn’t just go for chains, but our entire catalog. 

We know this is going to make iteven tougher to select your free item, but we do also havefree grillz,earrings,headphones,watches, and more!